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Facts about elevators and other Interesting Data

Here are some fascinating elevator historical facts:

  • According to statistics, riding an elevator is the safest option.

  • Escalators are 20 times less dangerous than elevators. Elevators are 20 times less dangerous than escalators.
  • At the old Roman Colosseum, 24 elevators were manually controlled by a force of more than 200 slaves.
  • The New York Marriott was the first building to incorporate an elevator with manual user control.
  • One cable-hauled elevator may travel up to a maximum altitude of 1700 feet.
  • Each of the several wires that support each elevator is capable of carrying the entire elevator and its passengers in safety.
  • The Close Door button won't make the door close more quickly.
  • The equivalent of the entire population of Earth is transported every three days in elevators.
  • The bulk of today's elevators is supplied by a corporation founded by Elisha Graves Otis, the inventor of the modern elevator.
  • The first elevator was described in writing in third-century BC Greece. Mathematician Archimedes created that basic elevator.
  • In order to reassure nervous passengers using the elevators for the first time, elevator music was originally introduced in the 1920s.

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