The Newest Board Member Of The NAEC

Trusted in Kentucky Elevator Service and Repair for Over 30 Years!

Sean Madden, the new NAEC board member, deserves our congratulations.

Sean Madden began Madden Elevators after serving for nearly three decades in the elevator industry. His experience began with the legacy of his father working on the World Trade Center in NYC. He learned the trade early on as a teenager, accompanying his father on calls.

His experience in multiple roles from repair technician to operations manager and ultimately to CEO/President, has led him to build a trusted service and repair elevator company focused on service.


To be successful, your company must have strong executives with the appropriate leadership abilities. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to realize your goals and realize your dreams if you don't have a clear vision or strong leadership to guide your company. A majority of the intrinsic leadership traits listed below may already be present in your senior team. In order to give a precise understanding of how people act at work and to respond to queries like, "What are their strengths and limitations?" we have employed behavioral and leadership profiling by Thomas International and Hogan Assessments. How do they interact? Do they have initiative? They are leaders? Moreover, what drives them? Under duress, how do they behave?



The 10 Essential Qualities of a Good Leader are listed below.

1. Being a leader means setting a good example.

It is essential for leaders to lead by example and display the behaviors they desire from their staff. As you set the bar for employees, all eyes are on you, monitoring your every move. Your workforce will imitate the leadership team's behavior if they arrive at work each morning in formal attire and on time. They will assess how willing you are to roll up your sleeves and work hard to accomplish team goals, how well you communicate at all levels of the hierarchy, and how responsible you are when things go wrong. If you want your employees to be as professional as you are, you must set a good example for them.

2. Constant improvement of your leadership abilities

You need to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses if you want to be a successful leader. By always working to develop yourself, you can ensure that you have the necessary leadership abilities and that your skill set is strong.

3. Possess technological expertise

When it comes to technologies that could have an impact on your sector, you need to always be one step ahead of your team if you want to be an effective leader. Read whitepapers and industry blogs to stay informed about technology advancements affecting your industry. Nobody is advising you to be an expert in everything, but you should be aware of the opportunities and challenges that technological advancements pose to your company.

4. Make wise selections that are timely.

It is crucial that you are able to act promptly and with knowledge. You will be in a position of strength to lead your team if you make sure you are knowledgeable about effective problem-solving, decision-making, and planning techniques.

5. Find your sense of duty and exercise it.

Your staff will look to you as a leader for direction, inspiration, and ideas on how to grow the company. They will look to you for remedial and forceful action when things go wrong. You have the chance to set a good example for other people by how you handle difficult situations.

6. Positive Mentality

An atmosphere that is conducive to productivity and employee engagement is more likely to exist. A good leader will realize the impact they may have in this work environment by exhibiting passion and confidence.

7. Inform your group of changes

Try to stay up to date with everything happening in your company and industry; your staff will be depending on you to be knowledgeable at all times.

Once that information has been passed down to your staff, they should be grateful for your efforts.

An essential component of becoming a successful leader is effective communication.

8. Learn about your team

It is required by management that you maintain some distance from your team. Always keep in mind that the members of your team will be at various stages in their careers, with a variety of outlooks and skill sets. Therefore, it's crucial to understand what drives them and to keep in mind that one person's motivation may not be the same as another's.

9. Do it without hesitation

Delegation is a crucial ability that a team manager needs to master rapidly. Successful delegations start by assigning responsibilities to the right individuals. A good team leader will be able to rapidly recognize and manage any skill gaps in the team's members.

10. Make sure that assignments are comprehended, monitored, and finished.

Prior to assigning a work to a member of your team, it is critical that you comprehend what is involved and what a successful completion will entail.

Try to make sure you are prepared with the answers if your team has questions concerning the assignment. You risk losing the respect of some team members if you don't have the required knowledge on hand.

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