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THE Elevator Company You Want on Your Elevator

Most of us ride on an elevator many times a day, once a day, or even weekly. Do we think what goes into keeping that elevator going? In our busy life do we realize that an elevator service or maintained without passion could be the difference between a quick trip to the 5th floor, or the joy of getting stuck for 1/2 the day? Here’s the reasons you want THIS elevator company working on your elevator.

Only the Best Customers

You heard that right. Madden Elevator prefers to work with elevator owners who want their elevators well maintained, the best customers. Sean Madden, the President of Madden Elevator said it so well in the video below:

…we only want clients that want their elevators cared for by top level service companies”

As Sean shares with us in the Madden Elevator video below Madden doesn’t like to do things half way – safety and continuous operation are first and foremost.

They’re ALL Our Elevators

A company that treats every elevator as their own are the elevators you want to ride on. It’s more than a job its making sure the elevators you ride on stay smooth and without problem. Don’t take our word for it, check out the video below where Sean shares why Madden Elevator cares so much about great elevator service.

Our Family Rides on These Elevators

If you listened closely you heard Sean say, “It’s like our family is riding on these elevators.” How does it get any better than that?

No Surprises, Ever

The elevator industry is where if you don’t cancel or review that elevator service agreement you could be stuck with a big automatic increase, additional fees, or even worse. Madden does it a little different than that. We think you should love your elevator service company or be able to leave if you don’t.

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When a company dedicates itself to service and doing the right thing like Madden Elevator it may not be a guarantee your elevator will always run perfectly. But, its your best bet for getting the most for your budget and quality elevator service in the Midwest.


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