What Makes Madden Elevator Unique?

Trusted in Kentucky Elevator Service and Repair for Over 30 Years!

What Makes Madden Elevator Unique?

For years of dealing with less than stellar service & surprises on your service bills more than one building maintenance team or building owner has come to the point of wondering, “Is there really a great elevator service company?” The 1st step is making a list of those expectations and then you can judge if Madden is truly unique in it’s approach to quality and customer service.

Are Elevators What They Do?

finding the best elevator service company can keep you in serviceThis has to be among the top questions on the list. Are elevators what the company lives and breathes or is it simply a secondary service offering? Is it a good idea to align your service needs and expectations with any company that makes elevators less than a #1 priority?

The question has to be asked if elevators are not the primary component of their business what is and where will that leave you when avoidable elevator problems occur? Madden Elevator’s only purpose, only goal, is to service your elevator needs beyond your expectations and settling for anything less may leave you out of service.

Experience Makes the Difference

Many larger elevator service companies have a single technician with some experience who might be certified then hires new apprentices that get on the job training. This is done to lower costs and make their service agreements more profitable. The problem you have with this is it means problems are rarely fixed correctly the 1st time. With Madden Elevator you can rest assured knowing our service work is overseen with the proper certifications while bringing over 2 centuries of experience getting work done right the 1st time.

Parts Availability Makes a Difference

An experienced elevator service company knows that getting the right parts on time is one of the keys to great service. For existing elevator service making sure your company can get parts and has good standing like Madden in the industry is crucial to great service. When investing in a new elevator Madden utilizes non-proprietary components from US manufacturers so there’s never a long delay in getting parts or support as Madden deals directly with these manufacturers.

Availability 24/7 with Real Humans

There’s nothing worse than leaving a message or being assured someone will follow up with you within the coming hours. Being on the edge of your seat waiting for that call is no place to be when people are clamoring for an elevator to work. A minimum expectation must be to be able to place a call and talk to a real human being. Not a recording to call another number and not just a message, but 24/7 human dispatchers to get you the elevator service you deserve is what you must expect, even demand.

All Aspects of Elevator Service Covered?

One important item on the list is to be sure your elevator service company is not only experienced in servicing existing elevators, but can bring you the option of modernization, proactive 24/7 elevator monitoring, or even a new elevator installation if that’s what you need. Some elevator companies are limited and will only offer you what they like to sell unlike Madden Elevator who can offer you the options to help you make the most informed decision for your budget.

Simple Invoicing

simple elevator service invoicingDoes it take Sherlock Holmes to decipher through your elevator service invoicing? Does the bottom line reflect hidden fees or surprise service cost increases? One of the reasons Madden Elevator is so highly regarded is their approach to simple invoicing. No Hidden Fees.  No Automatic Increases. 

Madden believes invoicing should be honest and easy-to-understand. This means no surprises and no hidden fees. Doesn’t everyone deserve this from their elevator service company?

When you check these items off your list adding an A+ BBB rating, numerous industry and local chamber memberships, and a stated dedication to exceeding expectations you may have found one of the best elevator service companies, just like Madden Elevator.


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