What Does the Future of Your Elevators Look Like?

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What Does the Future of Your Elevators Look Like?

Mechanized elevators have been around for more than 150 years. While the purpose behind elevators has not changed, the way in which they operate most definitely has. With today’s always-evolving technology, the future of elevators looks quite nice if you have an elevator in your building or use them during the week you may want to check these elevator innovations out.

The Future Of Elevators Looks Pretty Awesome

In a recent article from the Huffington Post of the same name the unveiling of horizontal elevators come to light. This may seem odd to us today but if they become practical no longer would buildings be limited horizontally. This may bring us singular buildings that stretch for not only 100’s of floors but for multi blocks of a city interior.

The argument is these horizontal elevators will take up less space, increase elevator capacity by 50 percent and make wait times much, much shorter. More of these details & this image thanks to this articleThe Future Of Elevators Looks Pretty Awesome.”

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Future of Elevators Driven by Digital

In this article the highlights are bringing the digital age into our elevators. This may include wifi or even what we’ve known to become a black box in airplanes. As buildings increase in size and security becomes a bigger concern black boxes that record everything for the coming 15 minute elevator rides may be needed.

One coming innovation that has its pros and cons is digital displays or even entire walls of the elevator to become a visual display. Pros are the ability to be more informed the cons include our being tired of being advertised to becuase the silence of an elevator can be a pleasure. More in this articleFuture of Elevators Driven by Digital from ElevatorDesignInfo.com.

Elevators with No Limits

In this article titled Magnetic Elevators – the Future of People Moving?we get some insights into the potential coming change of no more pulleys or drives, weights or counterweights, but simply, magnets. Here’s a few of the benefits cited:

♦  The challenge of elevator bottlenecks has to be solved by increased speed and/or capacity.

♦  The capability to run horizontally AND vertically.

♦  Increases capacity by 50%.

♦  Using an elevator to move thousands of more pounds than what can be done today.

♦  The energy efficiency. Magnets use less energy.

Over the next few decades, the technology behind elevators is expected to grow tremendously and become more advanced. Still yet, though, even as the technology changes, there is one thing that doesn’t, and that’s the importance of elevator maintenance. Make sure even the newest elevators are maintained because without good service an elevator can become a thing of the past.



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