The Importance of Elevator Maintenance for Your Commercial Property

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The Importance of Elevator Maintenance for Your Commercial Property

Like any other piece of equipment, elevators require regular maintenance to continue working. However, elevators have more safety aspects than standard office equipment like a copy machine. This makes the upkeep more intricate and the need for a specialist vital.

The Top Reasons to Maintain Your Elevator

Elevators are a means of convenience that are found in most businesses as an alternative to stairs. Usually, not much is thought about them until they stop working. However, business owners consider possible outcomes for their business and that includes aspects of their commercial property. Some reasons to schedule regular elevator maintenance include the following:

  • Avoid passenger injuries
  • Prevent machine malfunction
  • Repair of essential parts
  • Inspections to stay up to code

The Perfect Elevator Plan

Along with regular elevator maintenance to keep an elevator running smoothly, you should speak with your specialist about a care plan. For example, Madden Elevator has a six-month plan that allows our experts to focus on crucial aspects every month in a consecutive pattern that ensures the repairs are working properly. Some specialists may simply fix the elevator and walk away, but we want to make sure everything is in working order before the job is finished. This comprehensive plan looks like this:

  • Month 1: Inspect units, replace vital parts immediately and perform safety tests
  • Month 2: Continue replacing parts and analyze data from last month
  • Month 3: Execute thorough cleaning of all parts and equipment
  • Month 4: Remove unnecessary items, paint the spaces and label dangerous areas
  • Month 5: Maintenance follow-up with recommendations for future service
  • Month 6: Maintenance check-up for safety and code regulations

Get The Maintenance You Need

Here at Madden Elevator, our experts develop the correct course of action to minimize the length of a project and provide quality work to keep your elevators in tip-top shape. Contact us today by 502-501-0883 to schedule an inspection and create a plan that works for you. You’ll get our expertise for safe and properly functioning elevators.


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