The Future of Elevators: Hands-Free Call Operations

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The Future of Elevators: Hands-Free Call Operations

Hands-free elevator operations have been around for years. Still, the events of 2020 had a tremendous impact in propelling technology forward to offer several solutions for a hands-free system. While these aren’t meant to replace the touch-button system entirely, and each has some limitations, there are some great alternatives for those who no longer want to touch public buttons. 

As we elevate our processes in the everyday world, we are also looking for solutions to do the things we have to do – like riding the elevator up to work – as safely as possible. The future is hands-free with some of these elevator modernization projects. How many of these innovative hands-free systems have you considered for your elevator? 

Voice-Operated System

You might consider a voice-operated system for your elevator. The system uses similar technology to Siri or Alexa to engage with individuals who are using the elevator. As they speak different commands, elevator doors open and close, the unit moves from floor to floor, and users do not have any point of contact with buttons. 

Motion Sensor System

Along with the expansion of technology, capabilities were born for an elevator system controlled by motion-censored movements. Users of this technology simply wave their hands over the appropriate areas on the control panel and avoid physical contact with the elevator itself. 

Toe-to-Go System

Some have chosen to utilize a system with floor pedals as an alternate way to call the elevator and command different floors. Once again, individuals in the elevator avoid transferring germs by utilizing their feet to navigate throughout the process. 

Phone-Operated System

Cell phones have provided us with so many access capabilities across technologies – and elevators are no different. For those who frequent the elevator often in an office building or condo, a phone-operated system could be a great option. Individuals who need regular access to the building are granted such through an app on the phone. With a simple touch of the screen, the user can call and command the elevator.

So, which system is best for you?

With so many options available, you might be left wondering which is the best solution for your building. Are you interested in learning more about an elevator upgrade to any of these systems? Let’s chat.

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