The Four Most Common Elevator Problems Discovered in Routine Inspections

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The Four Most Common Elevator Problems Discovered in Routine Inspections

Like all machines, elevators have lots of components and moving parts which require regular maintenance. They should also receive routine inspections to evaluate common problem areas and stop minor issues before they become major ones. It’s not an exaggeration that the difference between a working elevator and a malfunctioning one can be a matter of life and death. Fortunately, inspectors know to look for these four most common problems, and how to fix them.

Worn-Out Sheaves

The sheave is the pulley connected to the elevator hoist ropes. They work together as a system to both move the elevator, and keep it suspended in place between floors. Over time, as the sheaves become worn, they put extra pressure on the ropes, which causes lag and bumpiness. Sheaves can be re-grooved or replaced altogether to remedy this.

Contaminated Lubrication and Oil

Much like car engines, elevators rely on lubricants and oils to smoothly move metal pieces without scraping or friction. That said, metal particles can shave off and contaminate the lubricants over time. In an inspection, metal levels are checked in oil and lubricants, and can be changed, just like in a car.

Bearing Breakdowns

Bearings in the elevator’s motor are another metal mechanical component that can experience wear over time. The major concern with bearings that aren’t working correctly, is that they can create dangerous currents. Motor noise is often a sign of faulty or worn bearings, and an inspector can recommend installation of inductive absorbers or replacement.  

Power and Power Supply Failures

Obviously, elevators run off large power supplies, but power failures may have more to do with the building they are in than their power system. If there’s been a change in the building’s utility system, either planned maintenance or an electrical event like a power surge, lightning strike, or blackout, may affect components of the elevator’s system. An inspector will make sure it is receiving the proper level of voltage.

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