Secrets to Affordable Elevator Service & Repair

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Secrets to Affordable Elevator Service & Repair

Is there anything worse on a facilities budget than an unexpected elevator repair? Yeah, when the elevator breaks it breaks and those that normally use the elevator will not let go of the fact and it needs to get fixed pronto. This likely won’t be cheap nor within the $100 line item for elevator repair that you haven;t had to spend in years.

Those Elevator Inspections

They have to happen not only for the safety of the passengers but because its the law. One certain way of eating up the elevator budget for the year is to not pass annual inspections & testing forcing you to spend some $s on elevator repairs.

Avoid this surprise by taking a pro-active approach to these inspections by planning a year in advance all the areas an inspection will cover:

  1. Emergency Car Lighting & Communication
  2. Machine Room & Pit Housekeeping
  3. Signs
  4. GFCI Outlets & Lighting
  5. Emergency Phones
  6. Hoistway Door Indications
  7. Monthly Fire Service Test Log
  8. Door Restrictions
  9. Fire Extinguisher & Machine Door
  10. Annual Test Overdue

Follow these 10 elevator maintenance tips to help ensure the safety of passengers & prevent unexpected costs.

Elevator Modernization Avoids Costly Repeat Breakdowns

if your elevator service company keeps reminding you every time you pay an expensive emergency service bill to modernize they might have something there. Sure, that’s not something you want to deal with right now but isn’t that better than surprise breakdowns, unhappy passengers, and potential liability?

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Self Elevator Diagnosis

Sure you’re not an elevator technician but that doesn’t mean with a little direction you can’t save yourself from an expensive service call or better, prevent more serious damage.

Confirm that there is a problem before you call an elevator company. It’s possible a mis-understanding or the right button pressed could save time & $s.

Its possible if the elevator stops working that the door sills have debris. Elevators are not designed to run unless the doors are completely closed & this is a common reason for the elevator to shut down.

Confirm the stop switches or buttons and restricted key switches are in the normal “run” position. Cycling these could fix the problem because it won’t be the 1st time someone bumped or a prankster moved the switches.

Check on fuses and electrical power. Confirm electricity is flowing to the elevator with a few simple checks.

The Best Elevator Service Contracts

Many throw around the term, “the best” as a simple marketing slogan or almost a repeat of what everyone else is saying. But what if you found something that truly was the best?  That had your laundry list of needs met? We think we’ve got the answer here and the benchmark which all other elevator companies should follow when it comes to having an open service agreement.

No hidden fees, truck charges, or mileage charges.

No automatic increases (this means no budget surprises!)

Annual safety testing included in every service agreement.

Incorporates an exclusive ‘Healthy Elevator” service process

This all sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Too good to be true maybe? Well. there is a catch. Sure enough as there always is.  No, its not a 3 year contract. Its the way you’d hope the best can be, a simple 30 day exit if you’re ever not 100% satisfied. That may be a benefit more than a ‘catch’ but now you may see why we believe this is the best elevator service agreement in North America and the history of mankind quite possibly. Our customers seem to like it…



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