Save Room in Your Budget for This

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Save Room in Your Budget for This

Elevator safety is a crucial consideration for any building manager. The best way to keep your elevators up-to-date with the latest safety features for passengers is by investing in regular elevator modernizations and upgrades. At Madden Elevator Company, we want only what’s best for you and your facility. That is why we encourage routine service visits and occasional upgrades to maintain and improve the safety of your elevator as well as your bottom-line in the long run. As you prepare your budget for the next year, consider some of these updates or modernizations.

Non-capital Expenditure Upgrades

Complete elevator modernizations don’t always fit in the budget, but there are ways to have an upgraded and enhanced elevator without a capital expense. The best way to keep your elevators in-tune with modern technology and safe for the riding public is to stay current with your upgrades or planning upgrades over time.

One of our first priorities for your elevator upgrades is the door and the mechanism that opens and closes it. Elevator doors get a lot of use – and therefore a lot of wear and tear – and are frequently the root cause of many service issues and problems. This kind of upgrade could include a new car door, new hangers and tracks, and/or new closures and could vastly improve the elevator, without breaking the bank.

You can learn more about elevator door upgrades and more here.


As we mentioned above, regular elevator maintenance is the best way to keep your elevator safe for the riding public. There is more new technology than ever that makes elevators safer and more efficient. One new modernization is sensors that stop the doors from closing by sensing motion in and out. No more getting your hand smashed trying to catch the door!

Modernizations like this and other new equipment, tools, and technology ensure the safest elevator possible. It’s important to consider modern upgrades from an experienced elevator service provider that best fit your business and facility needs. When you work with Madden Elevator Company, we also provide service follow-ups to check on your equipment and ensure you are up and running smoothly.

COVID-19 Safety Upgrades

It is always important to keep common spaces clean, but with COVID-19 still lingering, plus the addition of cold and flu season, it is even more essential to keep everyone safe and healthy. New technologies geared toward stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses are becoming more prevalent, even in the elevator industry.

For buildings where elevators are a necessary part of your workday, we offer a number of solutions to consider including antimicrobial copper button covers, touchless control operations, and a UV light and air filtration system. Our goal is to provide your employees and customers with a safer and cleaner elevator experience.

To learn more about each of these preventative safety features or to request a free consultation, visit our COVID-19 Solutions page.

eVator Monitoring System

If you’re looking for the best new technology this year, an elevator monitoring system may be right up your alley. The eVator Intel monitor can help reduce the time that maintenance technicians have to be in your building by providing real-time data 24/7/365. Not only does this allow us to provide a higher level of service and a more efficient visit, but it can also help save you time and money when it comes to elevator issues through preventive maintenance and information on how the elevator is being used.

Read more about the benefits of a monitoring system for your elevator here.

When you’re looking over your budget for the next year, each of these is an important consideration. Your elevators may not always be the highest priority, but safety certainly is. Regular maintenance and frequent upgrades help keep everyone in your building safer – and healthier!

Madden Elevator Company is here to help you have the optimum, and safest, elevator possible. We continue to research and offer new, innovative solutions to keep your elevators running smoothly and help protect both people and the equipment. We can put together the best plan to fit your business budget and timeline.


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