Prevent Unexpected Problems With a Continuous Elevator Monitoring System

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Prevent Unexpected Problems With a Continuous Elevator Monitoring System

Like many services and amenities in a commercial building, elevators do not always get the attention or appreciation their amazing convenience deserves—until something goes wrong. As a building owner or manager, you want to avoid unhappy tenants and unforeseen repair costs associated with a disabled elevator. Think about just a few of the problems a breakdown may cause.

  • After-hours emergency repair costs
  • Out-of-order signs that imply poor planning and upkeep
  • Tenants and visitors forced to take the stairs or wait longer for a working elevator
  • Trapped elevator users if the system fails

Avoid a Crisis

When you add a 24/7 monitoring system to the elevators on your property, you typically reduce or avoid these aggravating and hazardous situations. Best of all, you do not need to purchase new elevators to add this state-of-the-art technology. No matter what model or age the elevator currently serves your building, you can install a remote monitoring system on the equipment to detect difficulties before they become calamities.

Collect Important Data

The remote monitoring system continuously collects data on the elevator’s movements, performance and electronic parts. As the data builds, the computer analyzes the patterns and predicts potential problems before they have time to develop. Not only can this data collection prevent the upheaval of breakdowns, but it may also help you get more mileage out of your older equipment by keeping it running smoothly. When problems occur, the data guides the technician to the root cause and reduces the time spent in troubleshooting possible reasons for the failure.

Get Help When Needed

If troubles emerge, the system immediately sends emails and texts to the designated service provider who analyzes and addresses the potential threat. Immediate notification and response reduce downtime, and in cases of riders stuck in a cab, emergency help arrives quickly.

Adding a 24/7 elevator monitoring system to your commercial building helps anticipate breakdowns, improves tenant retention and prevents unexpected repair costs. If you’re considering a monitoring system for the existing elevators on your property, call the experts at Madden Elevator at 502-501-0883 to discuss the details, costs and benefits.


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