How to Avoid Elevator Service Headaches

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How to Avoid Elevator Service Headaches

Can there be a larger thorn in your side than trying to get an elevator serviced promptly the 1st time without headaches? Often it’s something small but you can’t do it yourself and that’s where an elevator service company comes to the rescue. Follow these tips and in the future elevator service will be smooth sailing. No more thorns in your side so you can focus on your building, and not just the elevator.

Those Long Elevator Service Agreements

Sure, it makes sense for an elevator service company to sign you up for a long service agreement for them, but not you. Unless you’re willing to give up your 1st child, exiting one of these agreements can be expensive and darn right impossible. Long service agreements are how the old days worked but in today’s world wouldn’t it be far better of a service company to base your relationship on the quality of service they provide?  Believe it or not there are companies who believe you should be a customer based upon how well they serve you, like this example of a flexible elevator service agreement.

New Elevator Checklist

One way to avoid the headaches of poor service on your elevator is to get the new installation right the 1st time. Here’s some key points to look for before your next elevator installation goes forward.

  1. Ask for non-proprietary elevator equipment
  2. Stick to local elevator installation companies
  3. Unless you speak 7 languages focus on North American equipment
  4. Avoid those long service agreements often hidden in new installations

Get some more insight on a new installation with this new elevator checklist and use it to avoid future service headaches.

Elevator Service Support Saturday @ 4AM?

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As you know people tend to use an elevator at all hours of the night, so why should your elevator service company be unavailable when your elevator is not working?

That’s the exact reason you want the luxury of 24/7 support from your elevator service company. One way to get a headache all weekend is have to wait for service until Monday. Be sure your elevator service company is available 24/7 with real people standing ready to dispatch a technician if needed.

Who Says They Do Good Work?

Most everyone has an Uncle Larry who’ll be happy to give a good reference but that’s not what you need. If you’re going to avoid elevator service headaches you’d better check out those references a little closer. Here’s a few tidbits to keep an eye out for to see if all will go well.

  • What is their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating?
  • Standing with local chamber of commerce?
  • References:  Will customers let their name be used or be quoted as to their experience?
  • What’s their safety procedures?
  • Are they a member in good standing of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)?

If you do just a little bit of homework it could save years of headaches down the road. Better yet you’ll save $s, have better service, and the users of the elevator you oversee will never know all the work you put in. That’s a good thing though because the elevator is working like it should.

Hidden Price Increases

Maybe you’ve experienced this too? The service is fine, the communication is good, but lo and behold when the invoice comes it’s complicated and more than you expected. A few phone calls later, some emails, and finally speaking with a manager you discover there was an automatic price increase.

“Is there any more of a budget headache when you’re hit with an automatic price increase & hidden fees?”

Someone in accounting has to tell you to flip to page 9, paragraph 2, line 57 for the small print that says those hidden fees were in line with the elevator service agreement. You could accept that or avoid it before it happens. Ask possible elevator service companies for examples of invoices, have them state on the 1st page there are no automatic price increases or hidden fees. Use this elevator service company example of simple invoices policy as a guide to what you should expect for simple elevator service invoices.



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