Flexible Elevator Maintenance Agreements: 3 Things to Know

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Flexible Elevator Maintenance Agreements: 3 Things to Know

As a property or maintenance manager, you’ve got a building’s worth of responsibilities on your plate, and maintaining your elevator operations is no small task. Luckily, there are strategies you can employ to proactively manage your elevator’s maintenance. 

Most property managers sign an elevator service agreement with an elevator service company to make sure they’re prepared for their elevator maintenance needs. But did you know that not all elevator service agreements are the same? If you’re not careful you might end up with an agreement that’s more of a headache than the elevator service itself.

Here are 3 essential factors to consider before you sign your next elevator maintenance agreement.

1. Flexibility gives you options.

Flexibility with your maintenance plan is key. 

First, you should know that a contracted agreement is not a flexible one. Seek a maintenance provider who offers arrangements without requiring a contract. That way, you have the choice to alter your plans based upon your needs, and you don’t feel tied to one option. 

Second, you’ll want to make sure that the elevator service company you select is willing to work with your schedule. It is indispensable to have a partner who will integrate their plan into your budget without disturbing the everyday operations as much as possible.

2. Reliability Provides Peace Of Mind

When something goes wrong with your elevator, it’s rarely because something went according to plan

And it often happens at the worst of times.

In these scenarios, you need immediate service – not a voicemail message telling you they’ll get back to you during their next available business hours.

Instead, you need reliable, 24/7 access to your elevator maintenance partner. When you choose a partner with around-the-clock response times, you’re ensuring that you can get help when you need it most.

What does this type of arrangement look like in real life? When you call Madden Elevator, for example, no matter what time of day (or night) it is you’re not going to get an answering machine. Instead, you’ll speak to a live agent who will connect you with Kentucky and Indiana licensed and certified technicians.

While on the topic of reliability, also make sure that the provider you choose is open about their pricing, including all service fees, upfront. You never want to receive a surprise bill because of hidden fees. Your expenses should be reliable every time. 

3. When It’s Local, It’s Accessible 

A local company means accessibility. When you choose an elevator service company local to Kentuckiana, you’re more likely to receive excellent service, fast response times, and strategic in-person consultations as needed. 

Additionally, you will likely know and trust the companies who have shared testimonies to the elevator maintenance provider’s service. And chances are, you’ve even been on one of the elevators they service!

For example, have you done business with any of these local Louisville and Southern Indiana organizations?

  • WDRB
  • The Courier-Journal
  • Kentucky Convention Center
  • CSX 

If so, then during your visit you likely utilized an elevator maintained by Madden Elevator Company. 

These local businesses can speak to their elevator maintenance experiences, which in turn can give you confidence in choosing your elevator service provider.

Equipped To Take The Next Step

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If you’re in a position that has you locked into a contract for a while, reach out anyways and let us know when your contract is up for renewal. We’d love an opportunity to quote and will make the switching process seamless. Request a quote today.


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