Elevator Monitoring Saves Time & Money

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Elevator Monitoring Saves Time & Money

No longer do building managers and owners have to install a new elevator to get all the benefits of remote monitoring. That’s right, the ability to proactively monitor and maintain an elevator is now available to all elevators regardless of age. This means less break downs, budget savings, and happier building tenants.

What is the ‘MEMS’ Elevator Monitoring System?

The MEMS elevator (and escalator) remote monitoring systems stands for the Madden Electronic Monitoring System. We’ve taken electronic remote monitoring technology and custom adapted it for our customers. Here’s just a few highlights of the MEMS system:

  • Can be installed with any elevator or escalator regardless of age or model.
  • Monitors the operation 24/7.
  • Begins building data to predict break downs so they can be fixed before they occur.
  • Sends texts & emails at the 1st hint of a problem to our elevator experts.

Why Install an Elevator Remote Monitoring Systems?

Have you priced a new elevator installation recently? As best elevator remote monitoring systemyou might guess they can be pretty expensive. Keeping your elevator in top running condition not only makes for happier building tenants, eliminates headaches, but keeps your older equipment running better, longer.

3 Reasons to Install MEMS Monitoring

Sure, saving money is important as is keeping building tenants happy. But what about those incidents that might be entirely avoidable?Those incidents that after the fact you’d give anything to have not occurred and they end up costing you more than your budget planned for.

Here’s a sampling of some of the nightmares you could avoid with the power of the MEMS system:

  1. Ever have someone stuck in one of your elevators?
  2. Was your elevator service company unable to determine the root cause of a breakdown?
  3. Ever gotten a surprise elevator-related bill for a power outage or rock stuck in the door track?

Maybe more important is your concerns about a lawsuit from someone getting hurt on the elevator, not really knowing what happened & to be able to counter misinformed allegations? 

MEMS Advantage Elevator Service Facts

  • We can install this service on any elevator or escalator make or model.
  • Monitoring can be put into place even if you are still in a contract with another company.
  • Developed MCP: maintenance control programs.
  • Allows us to do “predictive maintenance” by monitoring runs, door cycles, switches and relays.

One of the biggest surprises we hear from new MEMS customers is they never realized they could install the system when another company is servicing their elevator or escalator systems. At Madden Elevator we just want your systems to run smooth and at their lowest cost possible so we’re happy to work with your maintenance team or other vendors to accomplish this. Request a demo of this elevator remote monitoring system today!


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