Elevator Modernization Projects to Fit Your Budget

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Elevator Modernization Projects to Fit Your Budget

Elevators, like any machine, benefit from regular maintenance and routine modernization. Investing in keeping your elevator up-to-date not only ensures that your elevator is always operating smoothly, but more importantly, it maintains passenger safety. Our team at Madden Elevator Company understands, however, that constant upgrades aren’t always in your budget.

There is more new technology than ever that makes elevators safer and more efficient. With an excess of options available, you have the ability to pick and choose what is best for your elevator systems. At Madden, we can help you customize your elevator modernizations to fit any budget.

Why modernization is important

New technology, like we mentioned, makes your elevator safer and enhances the ride for passengers. Just like a car, elevators need upgrades and repairs every now and then. It’s a mechanical system that wears down over time. Even smaller upgrades spread out over time can prevent you from a costly full replacement scenario that requires significant downtime.

In the process of modernization, you can also take advantage of some of the other services we provide; such as elevator monitoring systems and our eVator Intel. For a complete look at what typically happens during a full modernization project, explore this page on modernizations.

Limited Budget

If your budget for elevator modernizations is limited, but you still want to consider ways to enhance your elevator experience, consider health and safety upgrades. These upgrades can include small, yet impactful enhancements that make riding an elevator cleaner and safer for passengers. 

These types of upgrades include antimicrobial button covers, touchless control operations, and UV light and air filtration systems. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency these upgrades are important, but even the typical flu season is reason enough to invest in health and safety elevator modernization. 

Moderate Budget

If you’re not ready for a full overhaul to your elevator systems, but still want to maintain your machines effectively, there are a lot of options available to you.

Several parts of an elevator get more wear and tear than others, such as doors and the mechanisms that move them. If your elevator hasn’t been updated in a while, upgrading older mechanics can help maintain a smooth ride. 

You should also consider other updates you’re performing in your building. For example, if you’re remodeling the hallway leading to your elevator, you may want to update the interior cab aesthetics.

As you can see, there are several ways to start on your upgrades and it all depends on your needs. At Madden, we’re committed to being transparent about both what elevator upgrades would benefit you as well as updates that you do not need to make at this time. Our goal is to help you make the right modernization decision for your business and budget.

Significant budget

If you have the budget to support a comprehensive elevator modernization project, then we can help you complete all the necessary upgrades that are right for your elevator system, budget, and needs.

No matter your budget, Madden is here to help you have a better elevator experience for all your employees and guests. Our new, innovative solutions keep your elevators running smoothly and help protect both people and your equipment. We can put together the best plan to fit your business budget and timeline.


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