Elevator Maintenance 101: Top 3 Causes of Elevator Downtime

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Elevator Maintenance 101: Top 3 Causes of Elevator Downtime

“Out of order” signs can ruin everyone’s day, especially if you rely on an elevator to go about your daily business. At Madden Elevator, we are here to ensure you experience as little downtime as possible with your elevator systems. To help out, we put together this list of the top three causes of elevator downtime. With this insight, you will never be left wondering about the importance of timely elevator repairs and upgrades.

1. Lack of elevator maintenance

Frequent, tailored elevator maintenance allows a service technician to be more familiar with your elevator system, its use, and needs. 

Conversely, if there has been a lack of maintenance upon a repair call, the technician could find more issues or potential issues in addition to the root cause of the repair, causing a longer downtime to troubleshoot and fix. 

Most building owners/managers don’t realize that flexible service agreements are an option to get you on the right track and reduce future downtime. 

Consistent elevator maintenance, along with an elevator monitoring system such as eVator Intel, helps extend the life of your system significantly and ensures a safe ride.

2. Elevator motor damage 

Motor damage, especially in older elevators, is a leading cause of problems and unnecessary downtime for elevator systems.

If your elevator is experiencing longer wait times, jerky movement, louder operation, or power failures, it more than likely is a motor issue. 

Motor damage, while crucial to fix right away, doesn’t always call for a full system replacement. One solution is an electronic starter, which helps to extend the life of older elevators and preserve their reliability.

While the price tag might seem high for soft starter devices, they have several benefits that make them worthwhile. These electrical current monitors help prevent power surges, reduce downtime, and run quieter than traditional starters. They help reduce mechanical stress on the elevator motor and other parts. The less stress on your elevator, the longer it’s life, and the more money you save in the long run.

3. Lack of inventory 

Unnecessary downtime can be caused by damage or wear and tear as we’ve already discussed, or even something as simple as not having the right parts on hand. Many elevator service providers don’t hold much, if any inventory, so when an elevator breaks down, they have to order a part, wait for it to ship, and then install it. This wait time is something that many businesses can’t afford to have.

Madden Elevator, on the other hand, is dedicated to decreasing your downtime as much as possible. We have many common inventory parts stocked to expedite the repair or service and reduce the amount of downtime. Providing customized elevator maintenance and quick repairs, while saving you time and money, is what Madden Elevator does best.

At Madden Elevator, we want to keep your elevators running smoothly and ensure the safety of all your employees and building visitors. The best way to avoid downtime is by addressing the problems most likely to cause you trouble before they become an issue. When you need elevator service, you can count on Madden Elevator Company.


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