Can I Afford a New Elevator in My Home?

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Can I Afford a New Elevator in My Home?

Nobody’s getting any younger these days and the stairs seem to get steeper with time. The addition of an elevator in our homes could be a very helpful thing. Imagine groceries, strollers, or even moving furniture to be much easier and less stressful on our knees & back with an elevator. 

Home Elevator for a Safe Home

Do you feel bad if you buy a nice car? Feeling like a new pool is too much? Or maybe its redoing your kitchen with granite just the way you’ve always wanted it? Why is wanting an elevator any different?

The reality is a new elevator is more than luxury investment, its a healthy choice. Taking steps to save your back from carrying heavy objects up and down stairs makes sense. The reality is that you have a 1 in 2,397 chance of tripping on your stairs and having a serious accident according to the National Safety Council.

This article. Stair injuries report: Every six minutes, U.S. child falls, according to CBS News goes  a little deeper into the well being of our little ones and how stairs can be a danger zone.

“Every six minutes, an American child under the age of 5 falls down the stairs and is rushed to the hospital.’

time for an elevator at home

Home Elevators are Becoming Popular

An elevator for the home is no longer for the rich and famous. Depending on your home plan a new elevator can be affordable and make a difference in your life. According to this article, Popularity of home elevators gets a lift, in the Los Angeles Times there appears to be a boom happening in home elevators with good reason.

“Baby boomers looking to age in place are installing them to ease the burden of bad knees and growing girth. So are families juggling children, pets and groceries.”

Home Elevator Design Looks Good

Who’d a thought an elevator added to your home could look good? According to this article on, Home Elevators: A Rising Trend, a home elevator can not only be well formed to your home but make an interior design statement.

A great suggestion if you’re building or renovating your home today is to have an elevator shaft constructed. This will leave the option open and in the mean time this space can be used as a small playroom or office until you’re ready to make the move, up.

How Much for a Home Elevator

Surprisingly, a new elevator in your home could be as low $25,000 and as with most things you could spend $100,000 or more. It will all depend on the construction required in your home and the features you’re hoping to have in place. Keep in mind that if the space around your home is limited a new elevator may have to take over a 10′ x 10′ area of your current living area.

If you’re interested in checking a price on what it takes to get a new elevator in your home give us a call and we’d be happy to help you through the process providing you a free consultation.

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