4 Solutions for a Safer Elevator During COVID-19

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4 Solutions for a Safer Elevator During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about and do everyday tasks. People are conscious of the risk for illness associated with being in close quarters with other people. Tight spaces, like in an elevator, make it nearly impossible to social distance and are generally high-touch areas where the coronavirus or other illnesses could easily spread.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, the stairs aren’t an easy solution. Elevators are an essential part of coming to work and Madden Elevator is here to help. 

Our new, innovative solutions are designed to create a safer elevator ride for your employees and guests. It all comes down to one thing: being proactive in your preparations. Here are four ways you can prepare your building’s elevators for a safe reopening with new elevator technology.

Antimicrobial Copper Button Covers

We’ve been in this pandemic long enough to know to avoid high-touch areas. Elevator buttons, along with doorknobs, are on the “most wanted” list of places to avoid. Madden Elevator has a solution: antimicrobial copper button covers.

These simple button covers protect buttons inside and outside of the cab with copper film that effectively kills viruses and bacteria. Simple to install and affordable, this is a great first step in preparing your elevators to be a safer environment for the riding public.

eVator Intel Elevator Monitoring System

During the pandemic, it’s important to reduce the number of people in all areas possible. We want to be as efficient and proactive as we can be while on an elevator service call.

Our eVator Intel monitor can help reduce the time we have to be in your building by providing our technicians with real-time data, 24/7/365. This allows us to provide a higher level of service and a more efficient visit when our technicians arrive. Should your elevators need servicing, we can get in and get out in no time at all, reducing the chances of us spreading an illness through your facility.

Touch-less Operations Controls

Aside from button covers to reduce the likelihood of picking up a virus from contact, Madden Elevator is also using more smart technology to make things easier and safer for your riding public. Prevent or limit the spreading of viruses and bacterias by implementing a touch-less control system. We offer a variety of options for you to consider:

  • Voice-activated technology, which controls elevator operations by voice command
  • Motion sensor buttons, which operate by motion rather than pushing a button
  • LED car operating panels, digital control panels that offer a touchless experience
  • Or other solutions such as control of the elevator car via a mobile app, key fob, or card reader

All of these innovations allow elevator passengers to avoid high-touch surfaces by not touching them at all. This not only helps reduce the spread of disease but brings your building into the digital age with new technology.

UV Light and Air Filtration Systems

One of Madden Elevator’s most effective solutions to a cleaner elevator is our UV light and air filtration systems that clean and circulate the air inside the cab. There are a few different systems we offer to meet your needs and budget:

  • UV disinfecting light that is quick and easy to install
  • UVC germicidal dual HEPA filtration unit that uses a UV disinfecting light as well as an air filtration and air purification system to remove 99.9% of airborne virus and bacteria particles and pump clean air into the cab

Most of the products that we offer are made to be installed quickly and easily. Ease the worries of your riding public and decrease the spread of illness in your facility with proactive preparations. While our world has changed, we are committed to maintaining elevator safety and providing innovative solutions that will keep people safe, healthy, and comfortable riding in an elevator – and as a result, keeping your business open and thriving.


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