4 Secrets to a Great Elevator Service Company

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4 Secrets to a Great Elevator Service Company

The “S” in Superman should be for service. What truly makes a great service company? It must be a company that time and again is lauded by its customers for amazing service. With the help of national and globally recognized names like Forbes, Amazon, & American Express we’ve broken the list of what it takes to be a great service company into 4 components.

Makes Training Continuos – Not a One Time Event

Many companies will ‘hire’ expertise which is a good thing to do. But after the fact, years down the road, are those certifications bringing value to customers? No, continuous training is what makes the difference for an amazing customer experience. Getting the job done right is key.

Employee training at many companies is often limited to the first few days or weeks on the job. But companies known for having the best customer service make training a continuous process and embed strong customer service in its culture.”

This quote was thanks to an article from the American Express business portal titled, 7 Customer Service Lessons From the Companies That Do It Best. Like this article highlights here at Madden Elevator we look at continuous training as a requirement, not just bragging rights. We can’t think of a better way to keep customers than bringing them the highest level of expertise at an affordable price.

Do Whats Best for the Customer

Seems easy enough, do whatever is best for the customer, yet many businesses focus on what’s best for their business and place customers second.

The company (Amazon) has long been a pioneer in e-customer service by offering policies like automatic refunds when service standards aren’t abided by, free shipping on orders, and price guarantees on pre-ordered items, all of which make it a perennial No. 1.”

These observations of Amazon taken from a Huffington Post article titled, 10 Companies With Excellent Customer Service. At Madden Elevator you experience things like simple invoicing, no complicated service agreements, and an overall strategy of customer engagement we created based upon what our customers told us what they wanted to see from an elevator service company.

No Superstars Just an Amazing Team

If you follow the Super Bowl at all one can see its not superstars that win it all, its the great teams. This is the same for great service companies, one superstar may give a customer a good experience but unless the rest of the company falls in line then the service will falter. When everyone’s a superstar or better said no one is a superstar then the team works better for you.

An environment that doesn’t cotton to superstars has the character and integrity to genuinely respect all positions and levels within the organization. These companies value the success of the culture or team over the success of the individual.”

This approach as highlighted in this article, Best Practices of Great Service Companies, shows a team wins in service more than individuals. At Madden Elevator you’ll soon find out we’re more than even a team, but a “We are Madden” family with a common goal of providing amazing elevator service to our customers.

They Make it Easy to Do Business with Them

Making it easy to do business is one area at Madden we feel we excel doing. One thing we heard loud and clear with our customers was no long term service agreements.

After hearing this and realizing the complacency many of our competitors get to when customers are held to years of less than stellar service we decided to make it better. This is why with Madden you’ll find our flexible elevator service agreements to your liking.



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