What is Predictive Elevator Maintenance

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Avoid Elevator Repairs with Predictive Maintenance
A broken elevator putting a wrench in the daily operation of your business is something no one wants to deal with. Madden Elevator has the solution for you: predictive maintenance. When you can predict what service your elevator will need and when, you save time you might ordinarily have spent nonoperational.

eVator Is Your Predictive Maintenance Solution
eVator is a monitoring device that provides real-time data 24/7/365. This means you always have an inside look at your elevator’s operations. The Madden team has worked hand in hand with the developers of the device and software to make it the most effective for servicing clients and getting the most useful, efficient data into the hands of the technicians and facility manager in charge.

This system works on any elevator to increase elevator uptime and reduce overall maintenance costs. Plus, it’s easy to install, saving you time and worry. Our team at Madden Elevator can have your elevators running an eVator system within ten minutes. This monitoring technology is mounted to the top of the elevator unit to ensure data accuracy.

The eVator monitor helps reduce the time technicians have to be in your building by providing accurate, actionable data and predicting when something may go wrong. Madden can closely monitor your systems and predict potential downtime and repairs your elevator needs before something actually breaks or stops the service. This allows our technicians to provide a more efficient visit on an elevator service call.

With Madden’s predictive maintenance, we can also tailor your monthly service agreements to fit the actual usage of your elevators. For example, if one elevator in your building runs twice as much as another, it will be serviced differently and more accurately. We’re here to get you the exact right service you need without wasting your time or money.

Madden eVator delivers higher performance and greater passenger safety using breakthrough technology. We are not just an elevator monitoring company. We alleviate concerns and costs through intelligent data so that clients can better manage their elevator maintenance plans while simultaneously lowering costs.

Our team at Madden is here to help you have the best elevator experience possible for all your employees and guests. Our eVator technology keeps your elevators running smoothly and helps protect both people and the equipment.

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