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The Future of Elevators: eVator Intel Elevator Monitoring System

It’s time to elevate your maintenance experience and get smarter than your elevators with Elevator Monitoring. 

The days you had to guess how the flow of people in your building influenced the maintenance of your elevators are behind us. 

The collection of performance analytics through Madden Elevator’s consistent monitoring is the future of elevation in your building. So take control of your elevator maintenance experience and see how this local Louisville elevator company can help you save.



How can Elevator Monitoring open the doors for you?

Our goal is to take the guesswork out for you. At Madden Elevator, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to analyze real-time, actionable data reported on the performance of their elevator systems. Plus, we provide elevator services for companies, buildings, and facility managers through our proprietary IoT-based monitoring device. 

Installation is easy and quick; in less than ten minutes, our technicians can place the small monitoring box on top of any elevator. 

Once we’ve installed the unit, it will collect data and monitor the elevator in real-time. That data will help us understand your elevator’s pressure points and forecast future needs in terms of services.

Download our guide to learn all of the details about eVator and how it can be beneficial to your business.

You don’t have to be a Madden Elevator customer to get monitoring services.
Accessing our elevator monitoring services is easy. We offer our proprietary monitoring service at a fixed monthly subscription plan backed by a 90-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. 

This plan provides you with around-the-clock access to live data that offers insights into potential problems. This program has the potential to reduce not only downtime for your elevator systems but also your overall maintenance expense by proactively addressing issues. 

And the best part: You don’t need a maintenance agreement with us to access these services.

Get to know your elevator a little better. 
Madden Elevator can benchmark based on other elevators in your care, as well as others in our portfolio, so that you can clearly see trends and forecast issues or repairs. 

In addition, our technology allows us to get to the root cause of a problem quicker and easier with more data. Also, as we analyze and monitor over time, we adjust your maintenance agreement as usage changes.

The Elephant in the Elevator: How has COVID-19 affected the use of elevators?
Coming back to work following the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to go about their daily routines differently – from greeting coworkers with nods rather than a handshake to taking the elevator in smaller groups. 

Did you know that 50% of people who took our survey said that they believe their elevators will get used differently compared to before COVID-19?

Download Our Whitepaper To Learn More: A New Elevator Experience in a Post-Pandemic World

Today, people are hesitant to be in close quarters with others because of the heightened awareness around getting or spreading an illness. 

Although an elevator is not precisely where they want to be right now, elevators are an essential part of coming to and from work for many people. Our new, innovative solutions can help to create a safer elevator ride for your employees and guests. 

Take your elevator experience to the next level. 
Madden Elevator is your one-stop-shop for your elevator’s safety solutions and time-savers. So don’t waste money – get smarter! You can request a free demo to learn how Madden Elevator’s eVator Intel Elevator Monitoring System can help you save on your elevator maintenance experience.

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