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The Future of Elevators – Customized Elevator Maintenance Plan

What does your elevator maintenance plan look like? If it’s an “if-it’s-not-broke-don’t-fix-it” plan, you should know that there are other options out there.

Although all is well now, lacking a maintenance plan not only puts your elevators at risk of unnecessary downtime, it also puts your building occupants’ safety at risk. 

Madden Elevator has created a new monitoring service called eVator that can help to customize a maintenance plan for you – spotting issues with service before they disrupt the flow of traffic through your building.

What exactly is eVator technology?
eVator technology is the first of its kind. It monitors elevators proactively to prevent issues from occurring in the future. 

The eVator unit is simply mounted on the elevator unit to collect data on usage – tracking things like frequency of runs and jerks in vibration patterns – which are leading indicators of mechanical issues. Plus, installation is easy and quick; in less than ten minutes, a Madden technician can place the small box on top of any elevator.

Download our guide to learn all of the details about eVator and how it can be beneficial to your business.

How can Madden Elevator customize my maintenance plan?
Once the unit has been installed, it will collect data for 60-90 days and monitor the elevator in real-time. 

The data it contains will be the foundation for your elevator maintenance plan – as it assists Madden in understanding your elevator’s pressure points and forecast future needs in terms of services. By understanding the actual use and having a record of it, Madden can start to customize a plan for each individual elevator.

Your elevators are one of a kind.
You wouldn’t prescribe the same maintenance plan for two different vehicles– and you should think of your building’s elevator unit in the same way. 

Your elevator’s usage and operations methods are unique to your building and flow of traffic. Just like no two cars operate at the same frequency, neither do your elevators. 

The eVator computer system that is mounted on top of your elevator system is much like your car’s computer system that can send back error codes before an issue arises. And that type of insight is what allows Madden to provide your custom plan based on the unit’s day-to-day activities.

Let’s establish a safer and more efficient building.
eVator technology can help you to establish a safer and more efficient building.

The real-time data gives the insight that is necessary to perform proactive elevator maintenance – rather than the reactive kind that we’re so familiar with. Madden Elevator can benchmark based on other elevators in your care, as well as others in their portfolio, to showcase trends and forecast issues or repairs.

Over time, the analysis will allow you to adjust your maintenance agreement as usage changes. That type of data collection will make your elevators safer and less likely to break down in the long run – saving you from posting the dreaded “Out of Order” signs on your doors.

Communication is key to a quick resolution.
Of course, the best-laid maintenance plans still sometimes call for an immediate repair. And the eVator technology will allow your technician to troubleshoot and get to the root cause of a problem quicker. With the collected data, the mechanic will have insight into the elevator movement and can utilize that information to locate a problem efficiently.

How do I learn more?
Interested in starting to develop your elevator’s maintenance plan? Or simply want to learn more? You can request a free demo to learn how Madden Elevator’s eVator Intel Elevator Monitoring System can help you take your elevator maintenance experience to the next level. 

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