eVator Intel Elevator
Monitoring System

A revolutionary approach to predictive maintenance and troubleshooting designed uniquely for elevators by providing live data 24/7/365

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Maintain Efficient Elevator Operation and Reduce Downtime by:

Enabling a team of experts to monitor your elevator data regularly and report back to you monthly to advise on trends and potential problems.

Ensuring that the right maintenance and service is being provided to each elevator in your care.

Notifying you of power outages or downtime immediately so the issue can be solved right away.

Providing a multitude of mechanical insights to inform troubleshooting before a technician even arrives.

24/7/365 Access to
Elevator Activity

Following installation, data from the monitoring device on each elevator is recorded immediately and sent to the cloud platform to be read and reviewed by elevator experts. You will receive access to the eVator platform to see all of your elevator data in real-time through a web browser or mobile device app. Regular reports can also be sent to your inbox so that you never miss a beat.

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert

After 90 days, your elevator data is reviewed by a team of elevator experts with 50+ years of combined experience.

Experience combined with the ability to compare to hundreds of other elevators monitored by eVator, ensures you receive accurate, detailed, and beneficial insights and suggestions to optimize your elevator system.

It’s Time To Work Smarter

eVator helps you level-up your elevator performance, maintenance, and repairs.

Avoid another “The elevator is down again” call. Save your company money on a maintenance contract. Become the elevator expert you’ve always dreamed of being…or at least bve confident that maintaining your elevator will always be a smooth ride.

The steps are easy –


Schedule a consultation with one of our elevator experts. We’ll give you a free demo of the eVator platform and learn what your needs are.


One of our technicians will intall the monitoring device on your elevator(s).


After 90 days of collecting data, we will analyze the data for anomalies, trends, and usage and present you will a list of needs and suggestions.

Learn more by downloading our free guide! Get smarter about your elevators with eVator Intel Elevator Monitoring System.

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