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We specialize in upgrading any elevator, lift, or escalator. Bringing facilities up to code does not need to be a painful process. Let us help!

Customers can even take advantage of some of the other services we provide; such as elevator monitoring systems or eVator technology. We take pride in service follow-ups to check on your equipment and ensure you are up and running smoothly. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Follow-Up Checks

eVator Elevator Monitoring

Updated to Code

The first phase of such a project, is to replace the parts of the elevator that get the most wear and tear — the elevator door and the mechanism that moves it. This includes a new car door, new hangers and tracks, and new closures.

Hangers and tracks in an elevator are a heavy-duty version of the plastic rollers and aluminum channels that are used to secure hanging closet doors in their frames while allowing them to move freely back and forth. Closures are the intricate gears, levers and motors that open and close the door.

An aesthetic upgrade of the interior of the car is usually undertaken as well. The cab is redone, and also panels and hall buttons on each floor. The electrical and mechanical equipment that controls the movement of the elevator itself also gets an overhaul, with the controller usually always getting replaced in the process.

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New Residential Installations

Home Elevators

Access Convenience & Luxury

Modernization/Upgrades image A home elevator can make your house fully accessible - on every level - with convenience to carry people with mobility devices, luggage and laundry. And all this comes with luxury options that you choose to suit your personal preferences.

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Home Wheel Chair Lifts

Options For Any Budget

Modernization/Upgrades image One of our durable wheelchair lift options for residential access, available in multiple entry/exit configurations and platform sizes. The drive system is housed in tower, so no machine room required; 750 lb capacity.

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Home Stair Lifts

Slim to Standard Profile

Modernization/Upgrades image We offer many solutions for those needing a lift in their home. One of which features an ultra-slim folded profile of only 10 ¾", for residential use only; optional outdoor package available for moderate climates.

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New Commercial Installations


Cost-Effective Accessibility

Modernization/Upgrades image Fully automatic elevator with precision hydraulic drive system for a smooth ride. Get that high-rise look and feel: automatic sliding doors and commercial-style cab designs.

LU/LA Minimizes construction costs: overhead and pit requirements are much lower than traditional commercial elevators. Cost-effective accessibility: meets limited use/limited application (LU/LA) elevator code.

Ideal for low-rise buildings up to 3 stories such as schools, places of worship and professional buildings. Configurations for same-side, straight-through or 90º entry and exit.

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Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs)

Modernization/Upgrades image Whether you call them VRCs, Material Lifts, Industrial Material Lifts or Material Platform lifts, we have a solution for your material handling needs. Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured VRC Lifts. Our Solutions Specialists will work with you to analyze your needs and facilities to determine the best lift solution. Our vertical recirpocating conveyor lifts are simply better.

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Stair Lifts

Straight and Curved Commercial Lifts

Modernization/Upgrades image A stairlift is a wonderful solution for those who find stairs a challenge but do not use a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Stairs are often the first obstacle that needs to be overcome as we age, and for many can present the risk of falls. A stairlift can offer peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Our commercial stair lifts offer robust lifting power of up to 350 lb commercial (code permitting); choice of spacious or compact seat.

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