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Your Costs With Kings III.

Here at Madden Elevator we value customer relationships and hope that you've come to see us as a trusted source for your elevator service. To us, part of serving you is keeping you informed of anything in the marketplace we believe you could benefit from. With that said, we want to introduce you to Kings III Emergency Communications. Many of our customers use them for their emergency elevator phone service and we are confident you will see value in them as well.

Benefits of the Kings III Solution:

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  • Reduce Costs - Analog phone lines are phasing out and as a result becoming more expensive. Kings III cellular solutions can help you cut those costly lines to your elevators.
  • Mitigate Risk - Liability Exposure - All calls are digitally recorded, date & time stamped, these are provided to customers upon request.
  • Manage Passenger Experience - Service that goes above and beyond. They will stay on the line until help arrives, keeping customers in the loop so you can follow up with entrapped passengers.
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty - No more need to stress over broken phones. Kings III turnkey customers receive lifetime warranty on all emergency phone hardware.
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We promise an initial conversation with Kings III, at the very least, will be well worth your time and are confident you will find the added benefits of their service a good value. Please let us know if you would like to have Kings III reach out to you, and we can refer you to their team. You can also reach out to Kings III directly using the contact form below.

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