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THE Elevator Company You Want on Your Elevator

Most of us ride on an elevator many times a day, once a day, or even weekly. Do we think what goes into keeping that elevator going? In our busy life do we realize that an elevator service or maintained without passion could be the difference between a quick trip to the 5th floor, or the joy of getting stuck …

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Elevator Monitoring Saves Time & Money

No longer do building managers and owners have to install a new elevator to get all the benefits of remote monitoring. That’s right, the ability to proactively monitor and maintain an elevator is now available to all elevators regardless of age. This means less break downs, budget savings, and happier building tenants. What is the ‘MEMS’ Elevator Monitoring System? The …

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What Makes Madden Elevator Unique?

For years of dealing with less than stellar service & surprises on your service bills more than one building maintenance team or building owner has come to the point of wondering, “Is there really a great elevator service company?” The 1st step is making a list of those expectations and then you can judge if Madden is truly unique in …

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New Elevator Installation

Madden Elevator specializes in pain-free elevator installations!  Our goal is to provide honest and straight forward pricing and services, while going the extra mile with each install.  We avoid tricky technical lingo, hidden fees and obligatory service contracts.  We hope you will call us today and provide us the opportunity to earn your business! 502-290-8878

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Tyson Foods – Elevator Installation

Have you ever ridden a phone booth up 200ft in the air?     Madden Elevator installed a special purpose personnel elevator in a 200ft tower.  The elevator will be used by Tyson staff for everyday work, similar to a service elevator in standard office buildings and hotels.  We are proud to provide support for working elevators at this facility in Albany, …