Avoid an Elevator Repair Call With This One Upgrade

No one likes to see the dreaded “out of order” sign on the elevator — particularly if that’s the only one! It might come as a surprise to learn that one of the most common culprits of elevator downtime is the elevator doors malfunctioning. If you’re the one responsible for keeping your building’s elevators up and running, then it’s time you consider upgrading your doors and creating a plan for regular maintenance.

Why Upgrading Your Elevator Doors Should Be Your First Priority

If you’re unsure where to start on your list of elevator upgrades, we can’t recommend your elevator doors enough. Keeping your doors in great working condition keeps your elevator operating properly for longer.

Faster wear and tear

The doors of your elevator do the most work for every passenger movement, which means they get more wear and tear than most other parts of your elevators.

Think about it by the numbers: there are four door movements for every elevator ride, making it wear four times faster.

  1. Passenger hits a button and the doors open.
  2. Passenger gets on and the doors close.
  3. Elevator moves to the floor and the doors open again.
  4. Passenger exits the elevator and the doors close again.

Top cause of downtime

From all of the elevator maintenance issues we see, the largest amount of elevator downtime is caused by the doors. The doors are said to be 80-85% of the problems on elevators. For the best passenger experience and to keep your elevators running smoothly at all times, your elevators should be updated and well-maintained.

Prolonged lifespan

With elevator door upgrading and regular maintenance on the doors, you can prolong the life of your elevators. A solid Maintenance Control Program (MCP), or detailed schedule for elevator maintenance, coupled with a monitoring device like eVator Intel can help your elevator last longer. Elevator monitoring provides real-time data 24/7/365 and machine learning to help technicians with repairs and allow them to focus your MCP on different areas based on use.

At Madden Elevator, we want to keep your elevators running smoothly and ensure the safety of all your employees and building visitors. The best way to avoid downtime is by addressing the problems most likely to cause you trouble before they become an issue. Your doors will tire out before you know it and a maintenance plan will keep them in better shape longer. When you need elevator service, you can count on Madden Elevator Company.

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