Sean Madden began the company after serving for nearly three decades in the elevator industry. His experience began with the legacy of his father working on the World Trade Center in NYC. He learned the trade early on as a teenager, accompanying his father on calls. His experience in multiple roles from repair technician to operations manager and ultimately to CEO/President, has led him to build a brand focused on service. Madden Elevator solves problems. From simple repairs to preventative monitoring, Sean and his team provide dependable solutions and reliable consultations. Ultimately this results in satisfied clients, reliable elevators which require less service calls and a vendor relationship built on trust. Madden Elevator is focused on providing excellent result and flexible service agreements.

  • Over 2 Centuries of Experience
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Family Owned & Operated


Our promise is to deliver you consistent “up-time” in the fastest time possible without binding contracts so that you, your tenants and/or customers can ride safely & without frustration.

The past 20 years has resulted in a wide variety of changes in the elevator industry. Owning or managing a building is no exception. In the past a facility manager could rely on a handful of vendors that showed up for a fair price. These vendors were trusted partners who provided reliable feedback and recommendations. They were skilled at their craft & took pride in doing the job right. Madden Elevator seeks to establish an active relationship of honest problem-solving.

The cost of leasing space has risen dramatically; The rising cost of utilities must be absorbed or passed on to the leasee; The rising cost of labor drives up the cost of maintenance (landscaping, paint, HVAC, janitorial); City, state and federal taxes have risen; Thousands of additional building codes must now be maintained. The task of managing a building today can be a painstaking task both from a service perspective and a legal perspective. Most of our clients are seeking three key elements from an elevator company:

  1. Short term contracts that are not locked into a disagreeable service relationship.
  2. Affordable pricing for maintenance and repairs.
  3. Reliable service and a faster response when service is requested.

It is refreshing that when I call your company, I always get a live person that is in Louisville that cares about my problem. When you send me a bill, it is simple, clear and reasonable; very refreshing to see this from an elevator company.
Paul Bickel - Spring River
We just got back from vacation. The elevators are working great. On a scale of 1-5, we would measure your service, rates, and communications a 6! You have been great!
Paula Criss
Great work. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication.
Johnny Edwards, A.G. Communications
You have been a great asset to our company with your quality work and vast knowledge of elevators. I would also like to thank everyone at Madden for the great customer service provided to me.
Trevor Carter, Kentucky State Fair Board, Kentucky Convention Center
First of all. You and your crew did a fabulous job with the elevator install. Wow! That was a job! The elevator is working great. Thank you Sean! You are truly a man of your word!
Gary Schroder, Chief Engineer, WDRB Fox-41
I am very pleased with the outcome of the project. The outward appearance alone of the work Madden has completed is very professional and a great indicator of the quality that I am confident lies behind the scenes.
Brad Houk, Manager Facilities CSX
Madden came on board with no long term contract agreement, but a promise of great customer service and competitive pricing. They have kept their word, as I have been very satisfied with their service and it continues to be outstanding.
Rick Ohlmann, Courier-Journal
I am thrilled with the quality of the elevator maintenance program. Since Madden took over, our elevator problems have almost ceased to exist. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs top quality service.
Brian Lowe, Jefferson County Attorney Building