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eVator IoT Can Save You Thousands!

Have you ever had someone stuck in an elevator, or fear you will at some point?
Has your elevator service company been unable to determine the root cause of a breakdown?
Ever received an elevator-related bill for a power outage, rock stuck in the door track, a dirty reflector, etc.?
Do you have concerns about a lawsuit from someone getting hurt on the elevator, not really knowing what happened, to be able to counter misinformed allegations?

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We track 24/7/365, So You Don't Have To!

Following installation, data from our eVator performance tracking device is recorded from each elevator, sent securely and read and reviewed by our elevator experts so you only receive the maintenance or repairs you need!

While we actively do the analyzing for you, you will receive full access to the eVator data to see all your elevator performance in real-time through a web browser or mobile device app as well. Regular reports can also be sent to your inbox so that you never miss a beat.

So Really, What Does eVator Mean For You?

Increased Uptime and Decreased Downtime

Our expert team here at Madden Elevator will actively track your elevator data regularly and report back to you monthly to advise on trends and potential problems. eVator ensures that only the correct maintenance and services are being provided to each of your elevators. We'll notify you of power outages or downtime immediately so the issue can be solved right away and regularly provide a multitude of mechanical insights to inform troubleshooting before a technician even arrives.

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eVator IoT Facts

  • Works On Any Elevator
  • No Unnecessary Visits
  • No Unnecessary Costs
  • Performance Tracking by Us
  • User-Friendly Mobile App For You
  • Little to No Downtime
  • Stand-Alone Monitoring
    keep your other contract too, if you choose
  • Data Driven Maintenance
  • Finds Problems Before Breakdown

eVator Intel IoT

Smart monitoring WILL save you maintenance costs, unecessary downtime and headaches...

How it saves you money

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