We bring every elevator up to our standards in 6 months. From simple code obedience to aesthetic overhauls, our process is thorough and principled.

Madden Elevator Company - Southern Indiana

Before Madden

After Madden

6 Month Program

Month 1 – ER Triage Maintenance

Troubleshoot and survey unit(s), replacing immediate items as needed to ensure current reliability. Perform a safety test/audit of equipment and machinery spaces. Correct any safety or reliability items on unit(s). Document safety concerns and recommend any corrections to the customer that can and will reduce their overall general liability.

Month 2 – Surgical Maintenance

Analyze the data from the previous month. Develop solutions based on findings and install all items from prior list to ensure future reliability of the unit(s).

Month 3 – Recovery Maintenance

Perform detailed cleaning of car equipment, hoistway equipment, machinery spaces and pits that meet our expectations and exceed yours.

Month 4 – Rehab Maintenance

Remove any necessary items that are in violation of the elevator code from machinery spaces. Paint the machinery spaces and label any hazardous located areas within.

Month 5 – Follow Up Maintenance

Paint pit and label any hazardous areas located within. Formulate a list of suggested upgrades or recommended repairs for performance and longevity of the unit(s).

Month 6 – Check Up Maintenance

Develop formal MCP (Maintenance Control Program) per code requirements with Madden’s history of the unit(s) ensuring safety, code compliance and reliability.