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3 Reasons To Modernize Your Commercial Elevators

Just because elevators were invented centuries ago doesn’t mean they have to resemble the models of a bygone era. There are three important reasons why you should modernize commercial elevators to improve your commercial building.

1. Expenses

One of the main reasons to modernize commercial elevators in your building is that newer models don’t need as much energy to operate as older models do. Not only that, but they also convert friction into energy to use later on. That means that while the elevator is in use, it is essentially also making energy instead of just using it. Another benefit is that newer models help decrease cooling and ventilation expenses, as they don’t need a separate machine room.

2. Appearance

In a commercial building, everything about the appearance reflects on your brand. You want to give off a good first impression, so you spend time on décor and making sure everything is neat and clean.

Your elevator should receive the same treatment. An old or grungy looking elevator worries clients and makes them feel unsafe, but a new model offers peace of mind and comfort for your clients. This goes a long way in increasing your status in their eyes.

3. Efficiency

Due to the long life of elevator systems, it’s possible that your elevators are not set up to be the most efficient. Modern technology enables you to do things in a manner that increases productivity. For elevators, this includes refining rates of acceleration and deceleration, as well as understanding common traffic patterns in your building. A routine checkup helps you determine if your elevator is working to increase your efficiency.

Update Your Elevator Today

Don’t be stuck in the past with an outdated elevator. Contact Madden Elevator at 502-501-0883 to install a modern elevator system in your commercial building for productivity, aesthetically pleasing looks and cost efficiency. It’s well worth it.

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